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Tour guides in the Rhône-Alpes region

About us

GRENAT is the only professional association of specialised and/or multilingual guides in the Rhône-Alpes region. Five languages are indeed spoken by the guides as a whole, other than French.
The main purpose of this association is to promote the profession and vocational training leading to it.
It also compiles a directory of guides, and helps bring together guides and tourism professionals.

A professional association

GRENAT’s primary goal is to promote the expertise of professional guides and defend their interests. Affiliated to the Fédération Nationale des Guides Interprètes et Conférenciers, the association is devoted to the recognition of guiding qualifications.

Being a professional guide is a fully-fledged profession : guiding is a skill, with institutional regulations.
Professional licence holders only may guide in the situations described in the article L221-1 of French Tourism Law.
Other than the regulatory aspect of the profession, a guided tour conducted by a qualified guide requires various skills. It implies that the guide is educated in history and history of art, in languages, and has perfect knowledge of the city or region they work in (local tradition and culture, the terroir, ethnography, etc).
Good guides however, are above all motivated professionals, intent on sharing knowledge and presenting their region to every kind of visitors. They are passionate and able to give advice on any particular travelling project.

A resource centre

Since it is the only professional association of guides in the Rhône-Alpes region, GRENAT is the best intermediary in the tourism and cultural industry as regards guiding. Training is organised by the association on a regular basis, so that members may enhance their knowledge. It therefore acts as a permanent observatory of the profession.

Linking people

GRENAT ensures a permanent link between guides and tour operators, by sending out work offers to all its members at all times.
GRENAT is a non-profit organisation, is not a guide booking agency.  

Looking for a guide?

If you are a travel agency, a coach company, an association, a workers committee, or a private individual looking for a guide, you may

- contact a guide directly thanks to the directory.

- Contact the association : grenat@grenat-guides.info and your information will be forwarded to every member guide.
Please indicate: the day and time of the visit, the required language, the number of people taking part, where they come from, the age group, their interests and every other piece of information you may think useful to the guide.

GRENAT is not a guide booking agency, it is a non-profit organisation, registered with the Rhône administration, with volunteers only as members of the board.
Members of the board work on a voluntary basis.
A telephone line is available Monday to Friday at this number: +33 (0) 6 37 35 81 32 .
Depending on the time of year, someone may or may not be available to answer the phone. Therefore, do not hesitate to leave a message on our voicemail – your request will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Available services

GRENAT guides study for several years, acquiring a certain amount of knowledge, then, on-site experience, enabling them to offer services in various fields.
Every GRENAT guide is the holder of a professional licence.
They can conduct guided tours in French or in another language, including yours.
GRENAT guides can conduct tours in the following languages: English, Danish, German, Italian and Spanish.

Guided Tours

GRENAT guides are all holders of a professional licence, allowing them to take groups on guided tours at museums and listed monuments, on private sites, as well as in cities, towns and villages.

Tour leading

Most GRENAT guides have the ability to lead travelling groups, thanks to their field experience in the Rhône-Alpes region, and everywhere else in France or in the world.


Some of the GRENAT guides are specialised in one subject, one region or city, a certain art movement, a period in history or a particular type of heritage – they may give theme conferences.

Recommended prices 

The prices cited below are there to give you an idea of a regular price for a tour.
They are negotiable with the guide of your choice, depending on the service you require.
There may be an extra charge at certain times of the year or on some particular events.

Tour duration

Gross salary in € (1)

Invoice price in € (2)

 2 hour tour



 Half-day tour (4 hours)



 8 hour day tour



Assistance at railway station (fixed price)



Airport assistance (fixed price)*



* City to airport transport fee must be added.  
The payment method is to be agreed upon with the guide:

(1). a wage per service, along with a wage slip. The aforementioned prices correspond to gross salary, exclusive of payroll cost.

(2). price ex VAT, invoiced by the guide. This concerns self-employed guides or associations whose members provide guiding services.